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when i rummaged for a certification

I wish I just need to walk to my workplace

First, I have spent most of my life working long hours away from home. My residence is 10 kilometers from my high school. That meant that I had to travel 20 kilometers each day back then. However, my case doesn't seem out of the ordinary. Many of my college acquaintances attended high school in cities other than their hometowns. Especially those who attended high school in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital; many live in nearby cities or regencies to Jakarta, e.g., Bekasi. I won't discuss the education disparity in Indonesia, which is so deficient that my friends have to attend school outside of town--we can go into greater detail on that subject later. Indeed, I'm OK with commuting, referring to my experiences studying in Ibaraki and living in Minami-suita. But only when public transit is good, and there are no traffic jams. When I lived in Osaka, it took me thirty minutes to travel to the university. Even so, I could read books and finish my daily Qur'an recitation targ