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Writing This Because I Rarely See Them Anymore

Imagine if this isn't my own body, and it truly isn't

Ever thought about what it would be like to live in someone else’s body for a year? I stumbled across a social media post yesterday that posed this exact question: "Imagine you swapped bodies with your loved one and had to give it back in a year. What would you do?" Instantly, I knew I'd keep it as healthy as possible. Seeing my beloved one sick is the last thing I'd ever want. I'd feed it well, exercise regularly, and care for it like my grandma nurtures her garden. As I kept scrolling (procrastination at its finest, I should get back to work),  I found another post that struck a chord. Someone shared, "My therapist always refers to me in the third person, and it helps SO MUCH to forgive, love, and care for myself like I do for my loved ones." Wow, that hit home. Not just in terms of physical health, but mentally too. I tend to blame myself for every little failure. If I could see myself as another person, I wouldn't be so harsh. I mean, I always tr

Maybe, Just Maybe

I wondered: maybe, just maybe, being imperfect could actually make me a better counselor. I mean, aren't we all flawed? Maybe, just maybe, it's because, like Marco (from Attack on Titan) once said to Jean, understanding weakness makes you stronger in helping others. So here I am, flawed and all, juggling two roles as a volunteer peer counselor. Funny thing is, the more I help others, the more I realize I need help too. Take yesterday, for example. I sat down with someone struggling with time management, communication, and overthinking – all issues I battle myself. But being a peer counselor isn't about handing out answers; it's about guiding others to find their own solutions. And you know what? Sometimes, their solutions light a spark in me too. I've been in a slump for the last few months, but after that session, I found myself starting to tackle tasks like the motivated achiever I used to be – years ago. It really hit me when she said, "I planned my day but