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What If I Could Change My Mom?

Reflections on Ied Al Fitr

On the joyous occasion of Idul Fitri, I had the pleasure of visiting my extended family, and what I encountered there left me deeply impressed. Amongst the elders of my family were some truly remarkable people, who had carved out illustrious careers as leading anesthesiologists in Medan, eminent lawyers, and distinguished lecturers. As I conversed with them, I realized two critical things that would shape my perspective towards my chosen profession.

Firstly, the sight of my extended family's accomplished professionals inspired me to become a force for positive change. It struck me that the professions they had chosen were not just "cool" but served as a catalyst for social and economic development, which motivated me to become a professional capable of benefiting society. 

I was reminded of a beautiful analogy that I once heard - just like the mighty oak tree that casts its shadow to protect and nourish those beneath its boughs, our profession must serve as a shelter, providing succor to those who seek our expertise. Our role in society must go beyond the boundaries of our offices, to impact the world positively.

Secondly, the influence of family heritage and legacy also caught my attention. I saw how many of my elder family members had children who had followed in their footsteps, with each generation passing on their valuable experiences, knowledge, and skills to the next. It struck me that this was indeed a privilege, as these children could benefit from the guidance and support of their parents and grandparents and inherit the lessons of success. The path to success would thus be smoother and easier.

However, not everyone has this advantage. For instance, my chosen field of regional and urban planning is not related to my parents' background or professions. Nonetheless, this can be viewed as an opportunity to create my own path and work hard to succeed. As Winston Churchill once said, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." We should always strive to keep learning and growing, regardless of our backgrounds.

In conclusion, my visit to my extended family on Idul Fitri was a truly enriching experience. It taught me the importance of creating a profession that positively impacts society, and the advantages of having a family legacy in a particular field. I was reminded to view any obstacles as opportunities to create my own path to success, and to never lose sight of the values that guide us towards the light.


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